Yes, we work on any voltage up to 35kV

Yes, our electrical roots started within Industrial facilities. We have some of the best and most knowledgeable electricians who can tackle any Industrial project.

Yes we do. We work in places others won’t. We pride ourselves on accomplishing the projects which others feel are too dirty, nasty, hazardous, or hard-to-do.

Lighting Technology

If your lights appear dim, have a pink or yellow color to them, are strobing, or take a while to light up, you most likely have old outdated lighting. Contact AIE today for a free assessment of your current lighting.

LED lighting is the best solution to replace your old, outdated lighting. LED lighting is brighter and more energy efficient. Meaning you can save money every month on your electric bill with new LED lighting.

AIE is a ComEd ally and 1 of only 80 contractors in the whole state of Illinois to be accepted into the ComEd “Small Business” program. We can offer you best rebate incentives ComEd has available. Set-up an appointment with one of our knowledge Lighting estimators to assess your facility, recommend the appropriate LED lighting solutions, and secure the best available ComEd rebates to apply towards the total project cost.

Relocation & Expansion

Yes, Relocations are our specialty. We have been completing them for decades. Whether you are moving your entire production into a new building or moving only part of your business, contact us today for a free estimate and let us plan your new space.

We can help expand your production by hooking up 1 machine or 1 line, but we can also install multiple machines or a whole new production area. No matter the size of the project we will make sure to minimize downtime to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Yes, we have helped numerous businesses increase their electrical power to their building. We guide you through the process and work alongside ComEd. We also may be able to help you increase your production within your current service. Call us and ask how.


No, while our company name suggests “All” we work on is Industrial, we work with commercial and retail customers as well.

Yes, we have a whole division dedicated to ground-up new construction. We pride ourselves on being creative within our designs to maximize your budget.

Hotels, Gas stations, Grocery stores, Retail Shopping centers, Apartment complexes, and Tenant build-outs. We can also be your preferred electrical contractor for all your electrical maintenance needs.


Yes, we are the preferred electrical contractor for many Commercial and Industrial customers.

Yes, we have a full-service department dedicated to service calls day or night.

We offer 24/7 service to our customers. Day or night you can count on AIE to fix your issues.

EV Charging

Yes, we can install EV charging stations at your commercial or Industrial building. We install both Level 2 and Level 3 stations.

It is hard to say who is the best manufacturer of EV charging stations. This is a relatively new sector of the industry. There is both hardware (the physical unit) and software (the computer systems within it) that comprise the charging station. We partner with several EV charging manufacturers to bring you the best quality units available.

A level 3 charger “Fast Charger or DC Charger” is the fastest charger. It uses DC (Direct Current) to charge EVs much faster than a level 2 charger. Depending on the Level 3 charger, you can fully charge your EV in as little as 20 minutes, giving you around 200-300 miles. A level 2 charger will give you about 75 miles for a 1-hour charge.

ComEd® Efficiency Programs

In 2007 the state of Illinois put a mandate on all utility providers to reduce energy usage each year.

The money is coming from all of us. Check your ComEd bill, look towards the bottom and you will see a line item stating “energy efficiency programs” and a dollar amount your company paid into the program for that month. All of this money goes into a pool and then a ComEd affiliate determines the best way to offer monetary incentives to companies for reducing energy.

The most common outdated equipment in a facility is the lighting. Many buildings have original lighting or systems that were updated many years ago. All of this is now considered outdated.

A common light fixture which uses a lot of electricity and increase your electric bill is the 2-foot by 4-foot fluorescent office fixture. These fixtures usually have four “T12” lamps and a magnetic ballast in them, which means each fixture could be using 164 Watts of energy to power it.

To help you save money on your electric bill, provide a more efficient light, and reduce installation time, Our lighting technicians will retro-fit the existing 2-foot by 4-foot fixture by removing the old fluorescent lamps and ballast and replacing them with new LED “T8” lamps or strips and a new electronic ballast. We then often install a reflector to bounce 90% of the light downward to where you actually need it. The new retro-fitted fixture now uses only 24 Watts of electricity and provides increased light levels. This means you will save money on reduced electricity to power your lighting all while improving the light levels in your facility.

This is only one example of an outdated fixture, there are many different types of fixtures inside and outside that can be replaced or retro-fitted with new LED lighting to substantially reduce your electric bill. Contact us today to schedule a FREE lighting assessment to determine your best lighting options and available rebate incentives through the ComEd energy efficiency programs to pay down the total project cost.

Other electrical equipment that can be replaced include: Machine motors, forklift battery chargers, air compressor controls, and refrigeration controls.

Each project is different. Every business has different energy consumption and different lighting systems. ComEd offers energy-efficiency program incentives for lighting based on different factors, such as:

  • What type of lighting are you currently using?
  • What type of new lighting will you be converting to?
  • How many hours a day do you use your lighting systems?

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offerings are available to ComEd delivery service customers only.

Check your ComEd bill, along the right-hand side you will see “Commercial / Retail delivery service” and then “0-100 kW” or “100-400 kW” or “400-1000 kW” and so forth. Or better yet, contact us and we can assist you with the process and determine what options you have available.

Possibly, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program has updated offerings all the time to reduce energy consumption. For example you can install occupancy sensors, advanced lighting controls, and more energy efficient LED lights.

Yes, in fact, most buildings still have old “Metal Halide” or “High-Pressure Sodium” wall packs. These old fixtures put out a Whiteish-blue light or a pinkish-orange light, use a good amount of electricity, and usually take a long time to fully turn on. They are prone to dim light levels over time and to premature ballast/bulb failure. Upgrade those lights to energy-efficient LED lighting for a crisp clean light that uses a fraction of the electricity and improves your facility for both your customers and employees.

Our company leases the building Possibly, as long as the company is a ComEd delivery service customer, they could be eligible for program incentives. Use the program offerings to your advantage and ask the property manager to split the customer cost. Or use the program offerings to negotiate a better monthly rent payment. Contact us today to discuss your options and the most up to date ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offerings.

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