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Why have customers relied on us for over 35 years?

AIE has always provided top-notch customer service. We are a family owned business, who goes above and beyond for our clients, ensuring they receive unbeatable rates and service. This combination has kept us at the top of the Chicago-area electrical contractor industry since 1989. All Industrial Electric is comprised of professional and knowledgeable hard working local people. This means repeat customers are a substantial part of our business. Join the thousands of companies who have partnered with All Industrial Electric for the past 30 years and experience our unmatched service and attention to detail.


Safety is not just a precaution, but an attitude that affects every moment of the day

Employers OSHA 10

Lead Electricans OSHA 30

Flash protection ARC


High Visibility WEAR

National Electrical Code NEC STANDARD

All Industrial Electric has a 100% drug-free policy

Safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority. While electrical connectivity is essential to a successful operation, a safe working environment for everybody is the most important of all. Holding our company to such a high safety standard, has allowed AIE to earn a .80 workers comp multiplier, which is in the top 10% of the industry. We will never sacrifice our safety our yours. All of our field personnel are OSHA 10 certified as well as ARC flash protection trained, and our lead Electricians have all passed OSHA 30 training. All of our electricians wear proper PPE and when required approved flash suits. In addition, we wear high visibility company branded apparel, vests, safety glasses, and hard hats on our job sites. Our electricians have regular safety meetings and know how to properly conduct themselves around any type of dangerous or explosive environment. All Industrial Electric has always and will always respect the construction standards of the industry, remain code compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC), and continue to abide by the NEC code requirements on all projects. Our company has exceeded employee retention standards within our industry, which is why you will very likely work with the same estimator, project manager, and electrician today and tomorrow.

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Do you know why our parts department is one of the best around?

We search for the best prices and quality from over 50 suppliers across the country. Our volume purchasing power enables us to receive discounts and pass the savings on to you.

Our Parts Department will get you the best possible price, period. If you need an obsolete part that we don’t already carry, we’ll do everything we can to source one for you.

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Lighting technology by All Industrial Electric

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ComEd® Efficiency Programs

Save money and energy on your next project by securing rebate incentives from the ComEd energy efficiency programs.

ComEd offers qualifying businesses great incentives for upgrading your old interior and exterior lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. All Industrial Electric is a 2024 Service Provider for the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Programs. We are program allies of The Small Business, Standard, and Multi-Tenant/Family programs.

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Service Providers are contractors, distributors and engineering or design firms who have been trained on the processes and procedures of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. They help ComEd customers implement energy efficiency improvements and offer program incentives, discounts and rebates.

Contact us today to schedule a free lighting audit and save on your next lighting project. AIE also offers many other electrical services, as well as rebate incentives on other electrical equipment including:

Air Compressors Machine motors to VFD’s Air compressor controls Refrigeration motors, controls, fans, and LED lighting Industrial Equipment for Injection Molders, Plastic Extruders, and LED grow lights Smart and programable Thermostats


Achieve instant results with new LED lighting in your facility. You will improve your work enviorment, your employees safety, and save on energy immediately.

Look at the transformation below!

BEFORE: OLD 6 Lamp T5 High-Bay fixtures

AFTER: NEW LED High-Bay fixtures


Lighting technology

AIE is on track to save millions kwH/per year
check current energy savings

Incandescent lamps switched to LEDs

Pounds of Coal saved

Gallons of Gas saved

Gasoline vehicles converted to full electric vehicles

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